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Are You Aware of the Dangers of Vapor Intrusion?

Vapor Intrusion Indianapolis IndianaIf you own a home anywhere in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, you need to be aware of the problem radon can pose to your heath and the health of your family. And if you own a business or commercial property in the Indianapolis, Indiana region, you need to know how vapor intrusion can impact your life, the lives of your workers and the very survival of your business.

You may already know a little bit about radon and radon mitigation, and you may have even had your Indianapolis, Indiana area home tested for this dangerous radioactive gas. But the problem of vapor intrusion can be just as serious for business owners in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Commercial properties from office buildings and warehouses to factories and manufacturing plants are prone to problems with vapor intrusion, as the contaminants and trapped gasses in the ground and in the surrounding water seep into those Indianapolis, Indiana area buildings.

Vapor Intrusion is a Serious Problem

Vapor intrusion problems occur much the same way radon problems happen in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Like radon, the contaminants implicated in vapor intrusion seep up from the ground. But unlike radon, which is a single problem with a single contaminant, vapor intrusion includes a number of different compounds, including volatile organic compounds and petroleum products. Over time, those compounds seep into the building through tiny cracks in the foundation and the walls, much the same way radon enters residential buildings and individual homes.

That means that the process used to get rid of vapor intrusion is similar to that used to mitigate a radon problem on the residential level. The first step in fixing a vapor intrusion problem in the Indianapolis, Indiana area is to find out exactly where those volatile organic compounds are coming from. Once the Indianapolis, Indiana, area business owner knows exactly where those vapors are coming from, they can work with the contractor they hire to get rid of the source of the problem and stop more contaminants from coming in.

Contact a Local Indianapolis Vapor Intrusion Specialist

As with radon mitigation, getting rid of a vapor intrusion problem in the Indianapolis, Indiana area mans working with the right contractor. Not all contractors are the same when it comes to vapor intrusion problems in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, and not all will be equally skilled at getting rid of the damage. Hiring a vapor intrusion contractor that has specific experience fixing businesses in the Indianapolis, Indiana area will have the expertise needed to find out exactly where the problem is coming from, and the equipment necessary to get rid of the problem once and for all.

By hiring the right contractor to fix your Indianapolis, Indiana area business, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the problem is fixed, and that your employees and your business interests are safe. Finding out that your Indianapolis, Indiana area business has a problem with vapor intrusion is upsetting, but the good news is that there are things you can do to make your buildings safe again.