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EPA Radon Action Month In Indianapolis, Indiana

Radon Action Month IndianapolisIf you have not already had your Indianapolis area home tested for radon, January is the perfect time to get that testing out of the way. That is because the Environmental Protection Agency has recently announced that January is also National Radon Action Month. The EPA hopes to use the month of January to raise awareness about radon, both in the Indianapolis area and around the country.

If you even suspect that your Indianapolis area home has a problem with radon, you will want to have the property tested as soon as possible. That is because radon can slowly build up in the air you breathe, and the higher the concentrations the greater the health risks can be. In fact, the World Health Organization has recently reduced what it considers a safe level of radon – proof that even a small amount of this radioactive gas can be deadly to those in the Indianapolis area.

The World Health Organization also points out that radon exposure is thought to be responsible for up to 15 percent of all lung cancer cases. The organization points out that radon is already known to be the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, and the second leading cause among smokers. That means that Indianapolis area residents could be at risk from lung cancer even if they and their family members do not smoke.

Radon Action Month is the Best Time to Test Your Indianapolis Home for Radon!

National Radon Action Month is the perfect time for you to have your Indianapolis area home tested for radon contamination. If that testing shows that your Indianapolis area home does not have a problem with radon, you can rest easy and get on with your life. If the testing does show high levels of radon in your Indianapolis area home, you can work with an experienced radon mitigator to eliminate the threat to yourself and your family.

As part of National Radon Action Month, SWAT will be offering Indianapolis area residents a number of incentives and special discounts designed to encourage them to have their homes tested and their radon problems fixed. If you have been putting off having your Indianapolis area home tested for radon because of the cost, January is a great time to act.

As the largest radon mitigator in the nation, SWAT is able to bring certified technicians to your Indianapolis area home to evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action. There are many different ways to deal with a radon problem, and only a certified technician will be able to make the proper decision. At SWAT we have access to more certified technicians than any of our competitors, and that means that Indianapolis area residents can get the service they need to deal effectively with even the most serious radon problem during the EPA’s National Radon Action Month.