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What is Radon Gas – What Residents of Indianapolis Need to Understand

Indiana Radon GasWhether you are a newcomer to the Indianapolis area or a lifelong resident, you need to be aware of the serious threat posed by radon. Radon gas is a danger to everyone who lives in Indiana, and that means that you and your family could be at risk.

One of the most dangerous things about radon gas is the fact that it is so difficult to detect. Radon is of course a gas, and that means you cannot see it in the air. And unlike some gases, which have a distinctive odor, radon has no smell at all. That means that radon gas could build up to very high levels inside your Indianapolis area home without your even knowing about it.

As the name implies, radon is a radioactive element, and that radioactivity makes it particularly dangerous to residents of the Indianapolis area. You may already know that radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among people who do not smoke, and the number two cause even for smokers. That means if you have radon gas in your Indianapolis area home you and your family members could be at serious risk from this deadly disease.

It is helpful for all residents of the Indianapolis area to be aware of what radon is and what makes it so dangerous. You already know that radon is invisible to the naked eye, but you may not know how the radon gas makes its way into homes in the Indianapolis area. Understanding just how radon gets into your home is an important first step in dealing with the dangers.

Radon is present virtually everywhere in the environment, including in the Indianapolis area. Radon gas exists in the rocks and soil, and over time it makes its way up into the open air. Radon in the outside air is not much of a problem, due to the very low concentrations and low levels of radioactivity. It is only when radon gas is trapped within a small space, like the space inside your Indianapolis area home, that it becomes a significant threat to health.

SWAT Environmental Radon Gas Testing & Radon Mitigation Indiana

If you live in Indiana, your home is at risk from radon contamination. Even if you have a brand new home, there could be tiny fissures in the basement walls or the foundation. That is all it takes for radon to make its way inside. Since radon is a gas, it does not need much of a space to make its entrance, and once inside it can quickly permeate the entire living space.

The only way to truly know whether you are at risk is to have your home tested. Testing your home for radon is easy and inexpensive, and it can give you real peace of mind. As a resident of the Indianapolis area, it is your job to protect your family, and testing your home for radon gas is one of the best ways to do so.