Commercial Radon Mitigation – Indianapolis, Indiana

Commercial Radon Mitigation in Indianapolis, Indiana

Commercial Radon Mitigation IndianapolisCommercial radon mitigation is not just a dangerous health issue for you and your employees and customers. It can mean a serious detriment to your bottom line. Keep radon mitigation as short as an effective treatment will allow by hiring our company. The most common entry point for radon to gain access to any building is through openings in the foundation. Radon is a natural element found in certain areas of the soil. It is undetectable by the human senses, but this cancer-causing radioactive gas is nothing you want to just ignore. Your business in Indianapolis, Indiana should provide clean air to all, and you could be closed down, even to employees, until tests prove the radon has been reduced.

How Does a Commercial Radon Mitigation Specialist Remove Radon?

In the average building, outdoor air and indoor air are unequal. This imbalance in air pressure causes a vacuum inside, and any existing radon in the soil below is sucked up through cracks in the foundation. By equalizing the air pressure, radon is trapped and contained. After all commercial radon mitigation services are completed, your business in Indianapolis, Indiana will be tested gain to ensure the success of abatement.

Look for a Qualified Commercial Radon Mitigation Contractor

Don’t waste time with a general contractor. Commercial radon mitigation is a highly specialized task, requiring special equipment, tools, and knowledge. You’ll want the most effective methods, installed by contractors who have performed these tasks over and over, successfully. Check with your local state agency for respected commercial radon mitigation companies, but consider contacting us first. We have years of experience in this industry, with many satisfied customers, and are licensed and certified in Indianapolis, Indiana for radon mitigation services.