Indianapolis Air Quality Tested by EPA

Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 03:10 PM
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Air Quality Index in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Indoor Air QualityThe air quality index is a standard set in place by the EPA in order to determine the overall air quality of given areas throughout the United States. The air quality index was created to bring awareness of the pollutants in your area, allowing Indianapolis residents to be fully aware of whether or not they are breathing in harmful matter. The Clean Air Act, which was created over forty years ago paved the way for this to happen, and today allows us to nearly instantaneously view the air quality of cities throughout Indiana.

The scale for the air quality index, or AQI starts at 0 and ends at 500. Although most of the time, the air quality is rated as safe in the 0 to 50 range, many areas, such as Indiana, experience unsafe levels of 50+. Any area with a rating of above fifty is in danger of health risks associated with poor air quality. The AQI levels have been seen to go above levels of 300 which indicates a hazardous level in which everyone may experience health risks. As this article is being written, much of Indiana’s AQI score is in excess of fifty.

Handling Poor Air Quality in Indianapolis

The fact that the EPA has spent many resources raising awareness and providing you a scale of the air quality in your city is very thoughtful, but the efforts of lowering emissions, limiting factory pollution, handling forest fires, etc. are somewhat out of your control. You cannot prevent all forest fires from happening, vehicles that are grandfathered in by being made previously to regulations are still creating massive amounts of pollutants, and factories may be lobbying for less strict regulations, or may not be abiding the current regulations set in place for Indianapolis.

Although this message is somewhat disheartening, it is important to not let what you cannot control affect you. You still can choose to have clean air in your Indianapolis home. How you ask? By having a professional install an air purification system that reduces the pollutants in your home.

Health Risks and Radon Gas

While the air quality of Indianapolis may not be great, your home can be a safehaven. Radon gas is another threat to your home that could be invading your Indianapolis home at this instant. Radon testing is the only way to determine whether or not you are being affected. Every year radon gas kills 22,000 people in the form of lung cancer. On top of radon threats, the poor air quality outdoors may cause permanent lung damage, increased probability of infection, lower your white blood cell count, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and other lung irritations. Do not throw away your health, and risk cancer for your family. Call a professional in the Indianapolis area and have an air purification system installed today.

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