Radon in Water – Is it Safe to Drink?

Thursday, July 19, 2012 @ 03:07 PM
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Is Radon in Drinking Water a Problem?

Radon in Water IndianapolisRadon is a deadly odorless gas that can cause a variety of different health problems — even cancer. Most people who are familiar with the threat posed by radon are concerned about it seeping out of the ground into the basement, and from there into the rest of the home. Fewer people, however, are aware of radon in water and the possibility that the gas can contaminate your home’s water supply long before it ever reaches your house. This can sometimes be an even more serious problem than having it seep in through the foundation.

Think about how many different times a day you use water from one of your house’s faucets. If your water supply is contaminated with radon, not only does this mean that you are directly exposed to the radon on a regular basis, it also means that you are allowing a significant amount of radon to be released from the water into the air of your home where you will then breathe it in, potentially causing even more health problems. Dealing with the problem promptly is vital, therefore, to prevent it from harming your health or that of your family members.

Dealing with Radon in Water in the Indianapolis Area

The fact that radon in water has no color, taste or scent means that you will never know when you are being exposed to it. You simply need to remember to periodically have a test that is specifically designed to detect radon’s presence performed in your home. SWAT Environmental can handle this testing process for you in the Indianapolis area. If it proves to be necessary, they can also handle the installation of equipment designed to remove radon from a home’s water supply.

How to Find the Right Waterborne Radon Professional

A quality company that specializes in the removal of waterborne radon should have several distinguishing characteristics. For example, you should always ask a company you are considering whether it has its Indiana state license, as well as expertise in the Indianapolis area in dealing with your exact type of radon problem. The last thing you need is to hire a company that you think solves your problem while actually leaving you still in danger.

To fix a waterborne radon problem, you need a professional that will give you the most effective possible results. It is always important to make sure as well that the radon mitigation professional you hire is who they say they are. Research in the beginning could save you from being ripped off in the end — or worse, left still exposed to deadly radon. That is why many homeowners in the Indianapolis area have relied on SWAT Environmental’s proven expertise in dealing with radon contamination.

Radon in water in Indianapolis is more of a problem than you might think. If testing shows that you have radon in your water supply, act quickly to have the problem corrected before your heath is impacted.

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