Waterborne Radon Reduction – Indianapolis, Indiana

Waterborne Radon Reduction in Indiana

Waterborne Radon IndianapolisWhen you find out that radon is present in your Indianapolis, Indiana home’s water source, it’s an unsettling thought. Even if you don’t drink your tap water, you and your family are exposed to waterborne radon every time you brush your teeth, or take a shower. Can you find qualified help for this problem in Indianapolis, Indiana? Yes, you can.

Radon is found in the soil, but when water from a ground-source well comes into contact with radon in the underground water table, contamination happens. Waterborne radon contamination is not as common – usually it enters a home when contaminated soil around a home’s foundation is exposed through cracks in the home’s foundation. It is possible, however, for your home’s foundation to test free of radon, but the water can carry it in from sources beyond your property in Indianapolis, Indiana.

First, Test Your Home for Waterborne Radon in Indianapolis

Testing is a very important step for waterborne radon reduction. The existence of radon in your Indianapolis, Indiana home’s water is one thing, but in order to effectively remove it, the radon mitigation specialist needs to determine the level of radon. The amount helps him decide which filtration system to use. You wouldn’t want a system that can’t handle the amount of radon in the water, but neither do you want to buy the super-efficient system when the less expensive would have done just as well. Certain impurities in the water can keep a filtration system from working well, and may need pretreatment.

Radon mitigation in Indianapolis, Indiana is not a matter of slapping a filter on the taps. You can expect much more from contractors who care about doing it effectively and accurately. Once testing is done, a radon mitigation specialist will explain the types of filtration systems and which one is better for your home. The water flow of your home will help decide what size system your home needs. Finally, the location will be determined based on your home’s layout, taking into consideration the plumbing and electrical systems.

Waterborne radon reduction in Indianapolis, Indiana isn’t a job for the average handyman, or even a good general contractor. Your Indianapolis, Indiana home needs a qualified radon mitigation company, licensed in Indianapolis, Indiana, with years of experience in the industry. Please consult our services when you seek such a radon company.